Global Coach Referrals

Business Relationships

Our unique, competition free, limited chapter size networking model is based upon chapter members getting to know each other’s businesses, empowering them with the expertise to make higher quality referrals.

Members are known for their professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to one another, and to the greater good.

All participating members have a reliable source of business professionals to recommend to clients, family, and friends, and vice versa.

Chapter Mastermind 

Where there's more than one, a Master Mind appears to aid in decision making and problem solving.  Raising collective vibration / mindset is invaluable in the coaching industry.

Use this forum to push through your comfort zone, add accountability, learn new business strategies, gather feedback, this and more will help you hone your business approach.

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How It Works

We Grow Revenue!
Give, Get, Grow, Repeat!

Chapter members meet weekly to exchange qualified leads, build solid business relationships, develop strong presentation skills, and become proficient networkers. Only one representative of any given coaching modality is accepted into a chapter.

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"Thank you again for inviting me to be a member of the pilot program. You are a great networking facilitator, and I learn so much from other members!"

Ravi Jones, Wellness Coach

“Our strongest need is to stay true to how we define ourselves.” - Tony Robbins

So, let's define ourselves as extraordinary!


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